Upcoming Events

February 24th | Ladies Event – House of Clay

March 10th | 5th Sunday Fellowship – Cowboy Chicken (Church Provided)

March 18th | Cowboy Hall of Fame Field Trip

March 30th | Easter Soulwinning Marathon

April 14th | 5th Sunday Fellowship – Breakfast for Dinner

May 19th | 5th Sunday Fellowship – Primo’s (Church Provided)

June 23rd | 5th Sunday Fellowship – Foods that start with ‘C’

July 28th | 5th Sunday Fellowship – Hideaway (Church Provided)

September 1st | 5th Sunday Fellowship – Family Favorite Dish

July 28th | 5th Sunday Fellowship – Ted’s Cafe (Church Provided)

September 1st | 5th Sunday Fellowship – Little Italy, Italiano

July 28th | 5th Sunday Fellowship – Anton’s Craft Kitchen (Church Provided)

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